Congrats to Lindsey Lenhart, our 2018 $1,000 Scholarship Recipient!

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Welcome to the Positive Pageantry Movement

The Positive Pageantry Pledge

I pledge to engage in a positive and respectful way with everyone I interact with.

I believe in unity in the pageant community, and reject the notion of divisions among system lines. I believe that the pageant community as a whole is one united sisterhood with one dream: building up women and empowering them to fulfill their goals.

I will not bully, harass, demean, belittle, or degrade anyone for any reason. I will stand up for those who are being bullied and belittled. I will be the difference.

I believe that conflict resolution consists of open communication conducted in private with the parties involved. I don't believe in social media rants, or online drama.

I will use my title/position to benefit others, serving and volunteering to make my community a better place. 

I will be a role model, paving a better future for tomorrow's leaders, by being a leader today and every day.

I will work to bring about unity in the pageant community, by being inclusive, being kind, and supporting the accomplishments of all young women despite what crown they wear.