Become an Advisory Board Member

We are looking for members of the pageant community, who believe in positive pageantry and uphold these values, to be on the Positive Pageantry Advisory Board. Working with board chairwoman Kayla Watson, the board will select the scholarship award winner each year.

Positive Pageantry Advisory Board

Board Chairwoman

Kayla Watson

VP of Creative Development

USA National Miss

Board Members

We are seeking respected members of the pageant community to be a part of the Positive Pageantry Advisory Board and select the winners of the yearly Positive Pageantry Scholarship. Apply above. Board Members will be added to below as they are announced.

Who Should Apply?

Those within the pageant community - directors, titleholders, industry professionals - who believe in the empowerment of young women and have a passion to uplift and support pageantry as a whole. Any pageant system, large or small, is invited to be a part.